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About Us – B. Hall and Associates, LLC

1. Follow That Napkin:

assettbiopicFollow That Napkin is a subsidiary of B. Hall and Associates, LLC. The business started in late spring of 2010. In the beginning I designed it solely as a marketing company, supporting the  printing and mailing inserts that I was generating for small local businesses.

Before B.Hall and Associates, I worked several decades in the private work-force.  With a little help, I decided to leave Corporate America and have a go at the American Dream. It was not until after I was knee deep in entrepreneurial weeds did I realize the stark differences in the tools for building a successful small business and the tools for building a successful large corporation. Many of the tools have the same name, but are used in an entirely different motion.

After ego-damage-control, and the stepping on my own two feet more that I should have, I decided to lend my experiences to other small business start-ups. Week after week, my learning curve straightened out, and the marketing endeavor began to run somewhat more efficient. I was able to take a deep breath, look around, and access my list of current unresolved challenges.  This is when the decades of corporate experience began to present solutions.  If I gleaned off what could not be transported into the entrepreneurial side, there was indeed a common thread running through the two enterprises.

The service portfolio has been expanded, built a website, and am now offering my learning’s to other loons who have nerves of steel, and wish to inquire.

I am the owner and president of the company, and bring to the table an extensive, and diverse business resume. Working, and living, as an expatriot around the world for over ten years, in addition my years as a senior manager, topped with living through the long grueling years as a management consultant with one of the top accounting firms, I am very comfortable in the services offered.

To fill in some of the gaps I have in the rapidly changing world of digital media, I was able to convince a high school buddy of mine to join the team. Al Branch.  Al has extensive experience in different, cutting edge, media technologies.  Al is a treasure to find.BHall

Furthermore, I have a group of dedicated individuals, of similar talent, helping in the areas where they can lend a hand, and leading in the areas where they have the weight in experience and knowledge.

2.  Operations Management

The purpose of the operations management team is to ensure the client’s project targeted goals are met and exceeded. They facilitate the project set-up and executes all of the client run projects and managed employees. The operations depart will assign a project manager, who, typically will act as the liaison with the client to accurately report status of the project, set up project workflows, and ensures quality in the overall project performance and progress. The operations management team is your direct link to project satisfaction and timely delivery.

3.  Digital Marketing & Media Solutions

The world is constantly changing through today’s fast-paced digital experience.

Our Digital Marketing and Media Solutions team listens to the high energy ideas that reside solely, clear and vivid, in the minds of our clients. The team, through their unique blend of skills, are able to turn these ideas and thoughts into real digital images, 3-D images, videos, and other applicable media delivery products.

As an overview, the Digital team converts the original idea into a tangible product for the target consumer. Also, and even more crucial, our team bears the incredible talent to; understand the marketable value of the excitement and energy this new idea has created. They must realize the power of persuasion at the customer level, and it’s monetary value.

A half-tick life idea that, alone, carries enough residual persuasive juice to propel it to the next step, but also thoroughly jettison it into a full blown company initiative, backed by money, time and personnel is a idea carrying potential, that unfortunately, could be easily overlooked. Our clients know, our team treats every idea like it is destined to the company initiative level.

The ability to harness this untouchable, sometimes inexplicable energy and excitement, then fashion it into a tangible product, and finally, after the idea has gone through it’s third generation, to witness the consumer feeling the same energy and excitement back when it was just an idea, is priceless. This is the type of talent that works here in our Digital Marketing & Media Solutions group. Priceless.

4.  Human Resources and Employee Relations Management

Our HR and ER department leads, creates, and executes all focused management regarding employee satisfaction and career obtainment. Employees are our biggest asset and offering a bright opportunity to advance in a career is critically to the success of our projects, our clients and our company.

The HR Department is responsible for delivering accurate and timely HR Services in employee commitment, employee retention, and health and wellness responsibilities. The HR Department’s number one goal is to assist our employees in sustaining gainful employment and providing all of the opportunities available to them in a clear and objective format.

5.  IT and Technical Support

The IT Department is critical to the overall value of our company, and your project needs. Our infrastructure, maintaining consistency in production time with hardware and software management allows our organization to run at full capacity. Once a project is launched, our IT Department assumes responsibility for its technical functions, and ensures that progress is being made throughout the life of the project relationship.

 6.  SEO Article Writing

Our SEO Writing Team is well trained to do the research based on your business enterprise and profile.

SEO writing is a combination of information rich content with pre-chosen and researched keywords that are reported to yield high amounts of traffic by search engines. With the right research and keyword  saturation your website content would deliver a more accurate stream of visitors.

Our SEO team is well training to do the research  based on your company profile.  We use several industry specific tools to assist loading up the SEO with information.

After the traffic rich keywords and terms are chosen, the article would be formulated by a senior writer.

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