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Our Marketing Servicesmarketingprodwine

Our Marketing Services team can help you tackle the daunting project of developing your overall marketing strategy.

Our services include: evidence Based Marketing (eBM), desktop publishing, developing, and delivering marketing campaigns; large to small, from single print runs of flyers, to brochure projects.

We have a wealth of experience with a close-date campaign, or an open long-term campaign, and have worked with a wide range of business enterprises.

It’s never too late for a different set of eyes to look at a challenge. With our extensive project management experience we are able to immediately add value with little or no impact on the overall time table of the project deadlines. Many times, our input has saved time on the overall project – which is money saved.

It cost nothing to contact us, discuss your challenges, get an understanding of our services and how your company can leverage them. If we can’t help you, I will do all I can to locate someone who can.  Go ahead, contact us today.

I wish you success, and thank you for visiting our website.


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This is a high level outline of the marketing services we offer, and how we manage the process to ensure the quality of the products we deliver.

Our Marketing Services Our Marketing Process Our Products
A. Consultation Services for designing,developing, and delivering Marketing Campaigns * A. 5 Steps to Marketing Success A. Booklets
B. Consultation Services for designing, and developing campaign support materials: pamphlets, inserts, mailers, etc… * B. Social Media Infiltration B. Business Cards
C. Desktop Publishing C.  eBM – evidence Based Marketing C. Flyers and Inserts
D. Single Run Printing D. AYKM Ranking Analysis D. Pamphlets
    E. Post Cards
F. Business Landing Pages
G. Company Logos

* Includes one or all stages of the Marketing Cycle: Design, Build, Print, Distribute.

Marketing Services

No matter where you are in the campaign process, from your napkin-design through distribution, the Marketing Cycle, we have a set of services that can mitigate the challenges, fortify the solution, and realize your campaign goals, all within your time, staff, and budget constraints.


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