Marketing Products – Design and Construction Prices

Marketing Products – Design and Construction Prices

treeOur Marketing Products Design and Construction Prices represented below, are for the mainstay of our product list and service list.  However, if we listed every item we publish with every dimension, the list would be too long.  So, please, if you have a different need that we have listed, we are happy to work the details out.

I. Consultation Fees

A. General Design and Development

a. Single Page Documents: Flyers, Inserts, Pamphlets, etc.. $35p/h

B. Logo Design and Development:

a. First logo design and development meeting (min: half hour) $50p/h
b. Subsequent logo design and development consultation $30p/h

C. Mail/Post Card Campaign Design:

a. First Mail/Post Card Campaign design meeting (Maximum – One Hour) $00p/h
b. Subsequent Mail/Post Card campaign design consultation $55p/h

D. Desktop Marketing and Publishing:

a. Marketing and Publishing Design Consultations: $50p/h

E. Webpage Design and Development:

a. Additional Website Pages (e.g. Business Landing Pages, social media links)

Note: Pages intended for any BHnA project, during design or development, will need to be addressed by that BHnA project.


II. Product Construction and Price:

A. Booklets, with minimum order: Starting From: $83.77
If the other media types are not large enough to express your company’s thoughts or products, then booklets are your best option. Booklets play two main functions: as an informative material and as a promotional tool. There are two main booklet sizes to choose from; 5.5″ x 8.5″ and 8.5″ x 11″.
marketing booklet mini marketing price calc

B. Business Cards: Starting From: $19.99
Your business card is the most basic marketing tool that you have. It instantly reveals basic information about your company in a format that is easy for your customers to use, share, and serve as a memory jogger later on..
marketing Buscard mini  marketing price calc

C. Flyers and Inserts: Starting From: $71.00
Whether you want them glossy, matte or non-coated, on paper or card stock, we have something you can be happy with from our flyer options.
 marketing flyer 4x8 minimarketing flyer 8.5x11 mini  marketing price calc

D. Pamphlets: Starting From: $75.00
We have pamphlet options that are suited for your marketing needs. With our flexible size and fold options, you’ll be able to print business brochures that fit your business perfectly.
marketing pamphlet 8.5x11 minimarketing pamphlet 4x9 mini marketing price calc

E. Post-Cards and Mailers: Starting From: $47.00
We have Post-Cards, or Mailers, To satisfy your every campaign goal and need, our Post-Card plays a triple role.As always, it is the stand-by if an occasion does call for the traditional use of the 4″x5″ size, posing as a post-card.However, using the tried and proven post-card theory, business campaigns continue to find the “mailer” as a profitable method of getting the word out.The third application is a 4″x5″ solution for flyers and inserts. Click Here to review our strategy and outlook on Marketing Delivery Solutions.
 marketing postcard 5x4 mini marketing price calc

F. Business Landing Pages: Starting From: $55.00
The three areas, Like button, product/services, and content, I hit very hard on the landing page. This keeps the bounce rate down, and the traffic coming.
Marketing Bus Ldng Pg mini marketing price calc


III.  Payment Types:

A. Agreed upon total cost per campaign.

a. 50% of campaign total cost due before any work begins./p>

b. Balance due at last sign-off meeting.

B. Agreed upon percentage of related sales during an agreed period.

C. Combination of both A & B.

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