Booklets – Design, Construct and Price

Marketing Booklets – Design, Construct and Price

A familiar and convenient way to share a lot of information with readers is through booklets. Our formats include booklet stapling. Use it for directories, product catalogs, instruction guides and more.

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A. Booklet Construct:
1. First Booklet Design Consultation Meeting (max: one hour) $ 0 p/h
2. Subsequent Booklet Consultations: $55 p/h
B. Booklets Specifications and Prices – Starting From: $83.77
ItemCoatingSizeWeightDPICover ColorInside ColorBindingBase Price
10 Copies
31101Matte8.5 X 11100300b/wb/wSaddle83.77
31103Matte8.5 X 11100300Multib/wSaddle89.21
31105Matte8.5 X 11100300MultiMultiSaddle94.65
31107Matte5.5 X 4.280300MultiMultiSaddle90.57
31109Gloss premium8.5 X 11100300b/wb/wSaddle86.49
31111Gloss premium8.5 X 11100300Multib/wSaddle91.93
31113Gloss premium8.5 X 11100300MultiMultiSaddle97.37
31115Gloss premium5.5 X 4.280300MultiMultiSaddle93.29

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