Business Cards – Design, Construct and Price

Marketing Business CardsĀ  – Design, Construct and Price

marketing Buscard mini

A. Business Card Campaign Design:
1. First Business Card Campaign Design Meeting (max: one hour) $ 0 p/h
2. Subsequent Business Card Design Consultations: $55 p/h
B. Business Card Specifications and Prices – Starting From: $19.00
ITEMPaper TypeSizeWeightDPIFrontBackBase Amt.
31201Stndrd #242 X 3.580300b/wblank$19.99
31203Matte/Glossy2 X 3.5100300b/wblank$24.00
31205Matte/Glossy2 X 3.5100300b/wb/w$27.00
31207Matte/Glossy2 X 3.5100300Multiblank$28.00
31209Matte/Glossy2 X 3.5100300Multib/w$32.00
31211Matte/Glossy2 X 3.5100300MultiMulti$35.00

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