Business Landing Page Prices

Business Landing Page

ProdFBLandingPageWhen building a landing page, I concentrate on three areas to draw and keep the visitor’s attention to: my Like button, my products, and my content.  Here are some of the ideas I focus on while building any Landing Page.

The landing page needs to have several “hyper links” back to the website.  Ease of navigation is important to keep potential clients/customers happy with the user-friendly nature of your site.  This is how they will see your company, and products.

With Facebook, the like button needs to be “in your face” visible. I never make a visitor hunt for the button, hiding it away in a cutesie location.  I want to remind them that they need to Like my page. Don’t make them search for it.

I always allow my products and/or services to be impulse purchased right there on the landing page. Align your products and services so they can be the perfect last minute gift

As I said earlier, it’s important that several, easy to see, links to your website on the landing tab, and every link leading to your website, and back if it’s feasible. Giving the visitor the option of coming back, gives them a psychological comfort feel about being in your site.

I always display display the products and brands strong points. I always have at least one area of current news, or hot topics, for the demographic my site attracts. When this is activated, and kept up on a timely basis, the value it brings is unmeasurable. I springboard these efforts toward highlighting the Like button.

Landing Page

A. Landing-Page Design:

a. First Landing-Page Design meeting (Maximum 1 hour) $0 p/h

b. Subsequent Landing-Page design and consultations (Minimum 2 hours) $55 p/h

B. Landing-Pages starting from $110:

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