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Website Services

Affiliate Marketing for B. Hall and Associates website services

Our Website Services are ready when you are ready to take your business to the next level but don’t have the time, talent or resources. Contact B. Hall and Associates and let us propel you ahead of the competition.

“Why Choose B. Hall and Associates For Your Website Solutions?”

1.  Customized Designed and Developed Websites:

teenage girl on laptopPersonally, you play hard, so get a custom website that does the same. You can get involved in the design as much as you want, or just sit back and enjoy the exciting results delivered by B. Hall and Associates.

Professionally, you work hard, so get a customized website that reflects your work ethic.  Our Website Services feel today’s competitive business environment. We will create your website designed to gain an edge over the competition            

A website represents your business online. The end users viewpoint, about your webman teaching on laptoposite, makes a big difference. Positive feedback can be gained only if the website design enables easy navigation and faster online transactions.

When we create your website, our goal is to create a website that: represents your personal values, or your company’s mission while clearly presenting your products and services. While creating a pleasant, productive experience for your visitors, we will be adding value to your personal life or your company.


2.  The Website Proposal

Web design proposals answer the most common questions prospective clients have surrounding hiring someone to build their website:

a. How much will this cost?
b. What will that price buy me?
c. How long will it take to build

Here at B. Hall and Associates, we are continually thinking of ways to keep our prices at a competitive level while maintaining our quality.  We do this by continually re-educating ourselves, evaluating our internal processes to make sure we are not duplicating effort, checking the industry standards, and listening to our clients.

I felt the best way to clearly show the way I approach the proposal process is to add a sample of one of our proposals.  You can see how my proposal addresses our approach to encompass and manage the tasks to be completed.  Not only does this offer you an inside glimpse at the level of quality our company adheres to, but you also get an inside look at the company you are considering to entrust your website project to.

Click on the image below to see the website proposal.


3.  Web – Content Management (unlimited Support)

a.  What is Content Management?

Most websites today involve some type of  has periodic update; blogs, new features, current and latest news in your business, to name a few.  The person or group responsible for the management of keeping your site current, adding pages, maintained, and running is the content manager. We have the expertise to do this for you.

We use WordPress because of it’s huge community which improves the core functionality very quickly. They also provide a large plugin directory which extends the possibilities of WordPress with features like calendar systems, advanced contact forms and so much more. We have yet to run into a project that couldn’t be done in WordPress. Our very own website is powered by WordPress.

However, if you have the staff and talent, we can make this available to your company.

b.  Some of our activities within Content Management:

> Website Hosting                                   > Content Writing
> Website Management                          > Content Optimization
> Electronic and Remote Support          > Promoting Content through Links
> Periodic Blog and Subject Updates     > Promoting Content through Social Media
> Periodic Site Performance Report


4.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Today, SEO is essential to  support your marketing, brand recognition and your sales goals.  SEO is basically using keywords, links, and other techniques, designed to increase the awareness of the website, while moving the website to the forefront of the computer searches from potential clients.

Many companies hire SEO firms for extended periods of time, costing a lot of money.  However, we believe that a strict focus on identified SEO activities during the design phase, is when you get the most for your money, by minimizing revisits. Our SEO services can be tailored to support your business goals staying within the parameters of your budget. Generally, we do not offer long-term contracts for our SEO services. Yet, if you feel strongly about giving us a lot of money for a long period of time we will find a way to make it work.

We have a team of dedicated service providers conducting SEO analysis,  updates, and any necessary maintenance.  Our expertise and knowledge in the ever changing SEO environment will help ensure your site performs at the expected levels  when a potential customer conducts a computer searche.

* Our SEO Services include:

>  Keyword Research                    > Page Title Relevancy
>  Competitive Analysis               > Web Diagnostics
>  On-Site Analysis                        > Train the Trainer
>  Outgoing Link Building

*  These services are ever changing to keep up with the current algorithms of   the major search engine companies.

5.  On-site optimizationEntrepreneurs Walking

  • Meta titles
  • Meta description
  • Header tags
  • Image optimization
  • Internal linking
  • Site-speed optimization


Already, these confident, smart, leaders, and young entrepreneurs are contacting us. Remember, contacting us costs you nothing.


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