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Business Plan Self-Help is a self paced, pick and choose items, for the entrepreneur who has and overall idea of what they want.  Self-Help, self-service, and and self-storage are phrases I know entrepreneurs really like. Being an entrepreneur myself, I realized I needed to include a section that caters to the self-help in all of us.  This allows us to do things at our own pace, and pick and choose the pieces we want and discard the other. If you see anything here you like, take it, using professional courtesy, and applying all copyright considerations. If you know of anything I should add in here, please send me a message.

Showcasing Business Plan Self-Help

A. Business Plan Layouts Cost: Free

B. Business Plan Layouts Cost:$$$$

C. Business Plan Samples Cost: Free

D. How Do I Build a Business Plan Cost: Free


How Do I Build a Business Plan? (Infographic)

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Nina Zipkin

Nina Zipkin is an editorial assistant at

The following is an excerpt from Nina Zipkin’s “How Do I Build a Business Plan.”

How Do I Build a Business Plan

How Do I Build a Business Plan? (Infographic)



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