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Selected Intellectual Property Websites

intellectual property websites








by John Pederson, SCORE Chapter 118, Tucson, AZ
(last updated 01/1999)

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
National office
General Information Re Patents
Search U.S. Patents
Basic Facts About Trademarks
Provisional Patent Applications
U.S. Copyright Office
Circular 1 — Copyright Basics
Thomas Registers of Manufacturers (American and Global)
Free searching.
Search Directories for Unregistered Trademarks
Domain Name Registration
Lists accredited registrars.Shop for needed services and for price.
Invention Development and Market Research
James White, Marketing Pro Book: Will It Sell?  Order from website,
Trade Shows
Invention Licensing
Harvey Reese, independent licensing rep — no hi-tech.
Book: How to License Your Million Dollar Idea.,
Pelham West Associates. New products wanted.
Inventor — Information and Services
Carl Oppedahl, patent attorney.Information, costs, publications.
International — Information and Services
Ladas & Parry, leading International IP firm
Internet Searching
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